Thursday, July 16, 2009


Here is a quick outline of where I am going to take this blog for a while. I will be putting up and discussing my findings and feelings about digital metering and exposure.

I am of the school that was taught the "Zone System" of exposure for B&W photography. Spent my time running tests to calibrate film, processing methods, light meters and much more.

I have applied this method of exposure for both B&W as well as for colour film, both reversal and negative. And I know there is a whole school of photographers who will tell me this does not work.

What I am now trying to work on a method of digital metering and exposure as I am of the school that does not always trust my camera meter as I believe they measure 18% grey. Or should I say trying to fully understand how best to get the "correct" method of exposure and metering for digital imagery. Will this be using a spot meter or an incident meter. Sound very old school, yes it is, but I believe correct exposure for the image you are trying to create is very important.

Digital photography has a few other factors that one needs to understand and take care of, such as noise.