Thursday, November 22, 2012

Just acquired a mirror-less compact camera

I have been looking for a small compact camera ever since I first saw the Olympus pen. I just could not convince myself that they mature enough. You how you need to wait until version two comes out some of this little bugs are iron out.

Well I started to read about the Fujifilm cameras with their different sensor and how they were moving away from the Bayer pattern / layout to their own. Eliminating the need to have an anti-aliasing filter which are used on standard Bayer Array Sensors to reduce moirè effect when shooting regular patterns. The anti-aliasing filters are known to slightly reduce resolution. The "X-Trans" CMOS sensor uses an irregular pattern of pixels (similar to that found on Silver halide film) in order to reduce moiré without the need for an AA filter.

So the long and short of it I have acquired a little Fujifilm X-E1. It is nice and small such that it fits in my jacket pocket. So now I walk around with a jacket that has a "strange bulge".

So far I have only had it two weeks and I am just experimenting with it and getting to grips with it but I do find it very easy and intuitive to use.